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Bad memories always haunt you. Psycho-thriller. A disturbed single mother must confront a mysterious stranger to protect her home, but her struggle to hold onto her sanity could doom them both.

In this package, you get:-

1. ‘The Redeeming’ Feature Film (84 mins)

2. ‘Bad Memories’ - The story of ‘The Redeeming’, as told by the lead actors, writer and director. (2 mins)

3. ‘Poking About’ - Full making-of featurette behind the scenes on the set of ‘The Redeeming’ presented by lead actor Ryan Wichert (John). (Contains spoilers. 10 mins)

4. Tracey Ann Wood (Joyce) Interview - Full interview with one of the stars of ‘The Redeeming’, Tracey Ann Wood (Joyce). (11 mins)

5. Ryan Wichert (John) Interview - Full interview with one of the stars of ‘The Redeeming’, Ryan Wichert (John). (10 mins)

6. Brian Barnes (director) Interview - Full interview with the director of ‘The Redeeming’, Brian Barnes. (6 mins)

7. Roger Thomas (writer) Interview - Full interview with the writer of ‘The Redeeming’, Roger Thomas. (6 mins)

8. Actors’ Commentary on ‘The Redeeming’ - The full feature film with a commentary from the two lead actors, Tracey Ann Wood (Joyce) and Ryan Wichert (John). Sometimes funny, at other times informative - always entertaining. Also features behind-the-scenes stills. (84 mins)

9. Writer and Director’s Commentary on ‘The Redeeming’ - The full feature film with a commentary by writer Roger Thomas and director Brian Barnes. Also features behind-the-scenes stills. (84 mins)

10. Director of Photography’s Commentary on ‘The Redeeming’ - The full feature film with a commentary by director of photography Matt Aucott and director Brian Barnes concentrating specifically on no-budget tricks to ‘get the look’ on limited resources. Also features behind-the-scenes stills. (84 mins)

11. Producer’s Commentary on ‘The Redeeming’ - The full feature film with a commentary by producer Berni Snarba, concentrating specifically on no-budget tricks to make a feature film on limited resources. Also features behind-the-scenes stills. (84 mins)

12. Deleted Scenes from ‘The Redeeming’ - A handful of deleted scenes from the film. Because the film was so low-budget, we couldn’t afford the time to shoot scenes that we didn’t think we would need. However, these scenes were shot as backup to cover important story points that we were worried might not come across clearly. In the end, we decided we didn’t need them after editing the film. (7 mins)

13. Deleted Scenes with Director’s Commentary - We didn't have many deleted scenes, but here they are. Plus, you have the director's commentary explaining why the scenes were cut. (7 mins)

14. ‘The Redeeming’ Original Soundtrack - The original soundtrack for the film composed by Onur T. Yıldırım. The music is presented with a slide show of some pictures from the film and behind the scenes. CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS. You’ll also get a collection of MP3s and M4As for your personal music player. (28 mins)

15. Award-winning short film ‘The Urge’ - The multiple award-winning short film directed by Brian Barnes. The success of this film brought enough attention onto Brian for him to be able to raise a small amount of money from investors to make ‘The Redeeming’. (8 mins)

16. Producer’s commentary on ‘The Urge’ - Producer Berni Snarba’s commentary on the award-winning no-budget short film ‘The Urge’, concentrating specifically on tips and tricks to make a film with very limited resources. (14 mins)

17. Mystery Bonus Video - The car finance commercial directed by Brian Barnes where he first met all of the cast of ‘The Redeeming’. (30 secs)

18. Mystery Bonus Video with Commentary - The commercial where director Brian Barnes first met and worked with the cast of ‘The Redeeming’. With commentary by Brian Barnes. (4 mins)

19. World Premiere Trailer for ‘The Redeeming’ - The trailer for the World Premiere screening of ‘The Redeeming’ at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival in Southend, Essex, UK on 28th January 2018. (1m48s)

20. Trailer for the West End Premiere of ‘The Redeeming’ - ‘Bad memories always haunt you.’ The trailer for the West End Premiere of ‘The Redeeming’ at the Vue Piccadilly on 6th February 2018. The screening was crowdfunded through OurScreen.

21. London West End Premiere Q & A - After the London West End Premiere screening, we held a question and answer session with stars Tracey Ann Wood (Joyce), Ryan Wichert (John) and director Brian Barnes. The interviewer was BBC journalist Jason Kaye. (23 mins)

22. Indie Film Grit Podcast - A podcast recording in which host Timothy Patrick interviews director of 'The Redeeming' Brian Barnes about his career and how he made a feature film for next to no money. This is the unabridged one hour version of the podcast, as opposed to the 40-minute cutdown originally released by Indie Film Grit. (60 mins)

23. ‘The Redeeming’ Script Development Pack - All 7 versions of the script of ‘The Redeeming’ from first pitch to final post-production draft, along with development notes from the creative team. You can study the birth and development of a film idea in forensic detail and experience the development process as it happened on an actual live project. A great learning resource for new and emerging writers, directors and producers who are planning their own no-budget productions. (PDF)

24. Director’s Shooting Plans for ‘The Redeeming’ - 48 pages of shooting plans as used by director Brian Barnes on the sets of ‘The Redeeming’, 'The Urge' and the Mystery Bonus Video. I use floorplans, rather than storyboards, as they are more flexible and easy to change when the actors and I come up with new blocking ideas - a frequent occurrence on my sets, as I encourage a lot of interactivity and experimentation from my actors. You can study the plans as you watch the film and see the results on the screen, deciding for yourself how you could have shot or staged the scene better. I've included blank set frames, so that you can plot out your own floorplans. A perfect learning resource for new and emerging directors. (PDF)

25. ‘The Redeeming’ Schedule Pack - Do you know how to shoot an 84 minute film in 9 days? It seems like an impossible task, but we were so efficient that we were actually ahead of schedule by day 9. We’ll show you how we did it. In this pack you get full schedules as used in the production of ‘The Redeeming’. The schedule was a constantly evolving beast during the making of the film due to the difficulties we encountered. You can learn how we adapted as we went, with a full written commentary from producer Berni Snarba of his priorities and challenges in keeping the film’s shoot on track. A great learning resource for new and emerging producers who are planning their own no-budget productions. (PDF)

26. How you could make and sell a feature film like ‘The Redeeming’ - The producer and director of ‘The Redeeming’ set out in detail our 7 step recipe for making a successful no-budget feature film, based on what we learnt from our first feature film. A great learning resource for new and emerging writers, directors and producers who are planning your own no-budget productions. (PDF)

27. ‘Succeeding in Corporate Videos’ - Make a living making films. Director Brian Barnes’s 9-part video training course teaching filmmakers how to build and grow a profitable business making corporate videos.  (Approx 4h20m)

28. 7 Keys to Making a Living Filmmaking - e-Guide from ‘Succeeding in Corporate Videos’ - Your guide to how to make a living as a filmmaker written by Brian Barnes. I have been making corporate videos for various high profile clients since 1987, including 3 of the world’s top 5 brands - Apple, Google and Microsoft. I have made 2 charity videos with (then-UK-Prime-Minister) Tony Blair and I won the Snippies Award for my video for Intel. Now you can learn from me how I do it. For full details check the website at http://www.succeedingincorporates.co.uk.  ‘The Redeeming’ was partly financed from the proceeds of my successful corporate video production business. This is why I encourage and teach new and emerging filmmakers to break into the corporate video sector, as it’s a great way to do what you love (making films) while also making a very comfortable living. (PDF)

29. ‘Succeeding in Corporate Videos’ Full Course Handout - The full presentation that Brian Barnes uses in the ‘Succeeding in Corporate Videos’ video seminar series. (PDF)

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‘The Redeeming’ PLUS Filmmakers’ Extras, Scripts, Shoot Plans AND director Brian Barnes’s corporate video training course. RUN TIME: approx 12h30m

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